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Greetings, I am Mistress Anushka

Prepare yourself to embark on a mind-bending journey, where I shall unleash your wildest expectations.

My approach is far from traditional; it is unique, dynamic, and captivating. As your Mistress, I am not just about physical domination, but a feast for your mind, body, and senses. My allure lies in my natural sensuality and beauty, coupled with a captivating and wickedly creative energy. I am articulate, intelligent, and well-educated, with a powerful yet playful mind.

My sadistic desires run deep, and those who surrender to my unwavering standards will experience an encounter of exquisite agony and ecstasy.

Are you prepared to be captivated by and surrender yourself to the all-encompassing power of Mistress Anushka, the GRRMan Butcher?

I offer an extensive variation of ‘services’ ranging from mild domination to very extreme. I am happy to accommodate for most fetish’s. Dare to serve me, and I guarantee you will never be the same again. GRRR!



Hello plaything

Shall we start easy?

You are my plaything, you must listen to me: what I say, what I command you, what I forbid you.

My sessions are meticulously customised to cater to your unique desires, boundaries, and previous experiences. I thrive on understanding and exploring your fetishes, pushing boundaries until you submit to my every whim.

As the ultimate princess of persuasions, I revel in being served, worshipped, and pampered. Advanced players will find my creatively strict nature alluring, while novices and beginners will be welcomed and guided with care on their submissive journey.

Boundaries are an important aspect of our time together, and they must be respected. It is critical to emphasise that no sexual contact is permitted, and that I do not engage in any form of body worship other than foot worship. Maintaining this level of respect and adherence is critical to ensuring a mutually enjoyable experience.

I am very selective when it comes to choosing my session partners. If you have specific areas of interest that have not been covered, feel free to inquire further.

To secure your appointment with me, a booking fee is required at the time of booking. This booking fee serves as a confirmation and holds your spot. Please be aware that if you need to cancel your appointment, the fee is non-refundable.

Price Guideline

Sessions are £150 per hour (£200 medical / invasive / anaesthesia play)
30 minute Corporal Punishment only sessions £90
Do not waste my time or your own!


During our sessions, it is important to adhere to certain expectations for a smooth and enjoyable experience:

Exceptional Cleanliness: I require all new clients to maintain exceptional cleanliness. Your purpose here is to please me, and proper hygiene plays a crucial role in our interaction.

Shower Facilities: If you feel the need to freshen up before being in my presence, I provide shower facilities within the Chambers for your convenience.

Total Discretion: I place great emphasis on maintaining total discretion regarding your visit. Your confidentiality is of utmost importance to me, and I expect the same level of respect and discretion from you.

Timeliness: Please arrive on time for our session. Being punctual shows your commitment and respect for our time together.

Clean and Presentable: Ensure that you arrive clean and well-groomed. It's important to create an environment conducive to enjoyment and pleasure.


Let's play

The GRRMan Butcher

My sadistic nature runs deep, ensuring an experience that delves into the realms of exquisite pain and pleasure. The brave souls ready to submit themselves to my uncompromising standards shall be duly rewarded with an experience of a lifetime.

Impact play
CBT (Cock and Ball Torture), Ball busting
CP (Corporal Punishment), OTK (Over the Knee) spanking, Whipping, Caning
Full feminisation, Pegging, Sissy maid training
Tied and teased, Tied and torture
Head Mistress, Schoolgirl bully
Needle play, Hooks, Skewers
Predicament bondage
Latex/Leather fetish
Smoking fetish
Edge play/ fear play
Medical play
Humiliation, Degradation
Confinement, Incarceration
Breath play
Forced Intoxication, Aromas
Sensory deprivation
Fisting/Anal training
Chastity and key holding
Foot, socks, stockings, shoes, boots fetish
Worship - foot/feet only
Phone Domination
Silent Calls
Cam Domination
Financial Domination
Double Domme sessions



Peeking Through the Keyhole

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Session Enquiry

Be honest and respectful at all times, when contacting ME. Emails with explicit details including coarse, offensive or vulgar language will not be answered.

Put in an effort to make a good first impression, you have only one chance. Be eloquent and use proper grammar. You should state a full, detailed, honest, and frank account of your levels of experience, and depths of interests. Remember to state your soft and hard limits. Let me know if you can be marked or not. Do not forget to mention any medical conditions, if you have any. Failing to do so is dangerous and disrespectful to Mistress.

Advanced bookings only. 72hrs minimum notice required. Booking Fee is essential. Complete discretion expected and assured.

Email Me


Text Me

07940 285 052

Your enquiry has been sent. Thank you!


Do not contact me unless you can afford to pay!Tributes are accepted in Pound sterling (£,GBP) only and will be presented at the start of the session. Be polite and respectful at all times.

You are expected to display proper courtesy and respect in booking and honouring your appointment.

Last minute cancellations and no-shows will result in you being banned. Booking fee is non refundable if you cancel!

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